Questions on Creativity

Have we devalued the original

Paying for the sequel

Have we requested the classics

Asking not the reason for the latest

Have we consumed thoughts from others

Leaving no room for our own

Have we borrowed quotes from the past

Filling up our pages current

Have we thrived under the expectations of others

Failing to live out our own

Have we camped in the black and white

Forgetting how to navigate the gray

Have we read another’s observations

Spending little time to look up

Have we settled for comparison

Achieving sporadically the unprecedented

Have we busied ourselves with the answers

Forgetting to ask good questions

Have we scrolled through others’ lives

Wondering when we will start living

Have we judged the choices of others

Avoiding the day when we make our own

Have we examined the lyric

Neglecting to dance

Have we forgot what we were going to say

Listening so intently to others

Have we maintained traditions

Scaring off new ones

Have we memorized the lines

Reading rarely in between them

Have we obsessed over thinking critically

Muzzling, Stifling, Killing Creativity

Have we atrophied our souls

Strengthening our minds

Have we been thrusted into the uncharted

Clinging onto the status quo

Have we maligned the coming City

Mourning over the Garden

Have we been entrusted with something old

Squandering in doing something new with it

Have we asked what could be

Creating until it is



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Ben Neiser

Ben Neiser

Christian. Husband. Father of two girls. Creative. Writer. Collaborator of Faith, Art, and Community.