Photo by Zulmaury Saavedra on Unsplash

Him by Ben Neiser


He reads the Word each day to be reminded

In disbelief sitting in Your presence

Drawing from the Well of Your kindness

Quenching his insatiable thirst for penance

He gives others the grace that they don’t deserve

Leaving none for himself to be given

Making amends for a union he can not preserve

Ignoring that he has been forgiven

He sings the loudest about You

Attempting to silence the lies that shout

Firmly proclaiming the Truth

Raising his shaking hand with self doubt

He lets go of the temporal holding on to forever

Navigating the already not yet

Forgetting what he should remember

And remembering what he should forget

He strains to become more of Your reflection

Not getting to the finish line any faster

Most call him Christian

But others call him Pastor



Ben Neiser

Christian. Husband. Father of two girls. Creative. Writer. Collaborator of Faith, Art, and Community.